Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Continue Cancer Fight

Tempus, a Chicago-based research company, has recently partnered with the University of Chicago Medicine in the fight against breast cancer. Eric Lefkofsky, founder of Groupon and CEO of Tempus, is behind this innovative startup that will provide molecular analysis and sequencing to University of Chicago’s breast cancer team.

Using Data for Personalized Treatment

The analysis of data from approximately 1,000 patients with breast cancer will help create personalized treatment plans for these patients. The goal is to use the data to develop better treatment plans for breast cancer patients that will ultimately improve patient outcomes. The partnership with UChicago is just one of many in recent months for Tempus. They are also working with the Mayo Clinic, Penn Medicine, the University of Michigan, Rush University Medical Center, and Northwestern University.

Detailed Genetic Information

Currently doctors are making decisions regarding treatment without this type of detailed genetic information. Building the largest annotated molecular set of data in breast cancer will help physicians make better decisions for their patients’ treatment. Tempus puts together genomic sequencing to assist physicians in making personalized care decisions for their patients and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Eric Lekofsky and Tempus

Eric Lekofsky is CEO and the co-founder of Tempus. Tempus was founded in 2015 and is located at 600 W. Chicago along with Lekofsky’s other ventures such as Groupon and Lightbank. He is also the founding partner of Uptake Technologies. So far he has taken three of his companies public and his current wealth is estimated at approximately 1.79 billion. He began putting together Tempus after stepping down as CEO of Groupon.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Eric Lekofsky is a University of Michigan graduate and received his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. He has a rich history of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. In 1999 he had co-founded an early internet company and went on to help start several companies including a freight logistics company and a media-buying tech company. He and his wife have a charitable trust, the Lefkofsky Foundation, that supports educational and scientific causes throughout the world.

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Asset Management with Richard Blair

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions utilizes a three pillar system to set his clients up for success. These pillars all work together to identify a plan specifically tailored and unique to each clients needs. Pillar number one is set in place to garner an understanding of the client’s needs to that a financial road map may be set in place. Pillar number two takes everything a step further by identifying how assets can be best managed to minimize risk and maximize performance of a client’s portfolio. A plan is set in place to adapt to the changing market. Pillar number three ties everything together by meeting insurance needs.


Wealth Solutions, a financial investment and management firm founded by Richard Blair offers services and resources for clients to protect and manage their assets. With numerous certifications and over 23 years of financial experience, Blair certainly has the wealth of knowledge necessary to bring long term value to his clients. His certifications include CAS, CES, RICP and CFS. Richard’s investment strategy seeks to provide a plan for clients to meet every future financial need. Unbiased and objective guidance is offered to each unique client to garner trust from his clientele and to show that he has their best interests at heart. Allowing Richard’s firm to utilize their expansive financial knowledge sets clients up for a successful retirement.


If Richard can make a positive and significant financial difference in the life of his client then he has accomplished his number one goal. Many clients look to preserve their wealth before coming to Blair. Blair seeks to utilize client assets to not only preserve wealth, but also to use it to their advantage by implementing sound investment strategies and employing asset risk management.


After graduating college, Richard Blair ventured into offering financial services in 1993. This is when he founded his firm “Wealth Solutions”. Blair has always seen the value in education since experiencing first hand the difference teaching can make in people’s lives. His mother, grand mother, and wife were all teachers. With a mind for education and a passion for teaching clients how to best utilize and manage assets, he is succeeding as a financial adviser. His underlying motives bring an element of integrity and purpose towards his work. His expansive knowledge is sure to continue being successful in positively impacting the financial future of all the clients who take up his services.


Helping Dentists Do Their Dentist Things

Dentists tend to run their own offices, and sometimes they do not have the time or the capacity to take care of some organization tasks that come from owning your clinic. Paperwork, making calls, organizing timesheets, replacing patients, ordering new instruments and reallocating treatments, all of these tasks can be too much for the professional and its assistant. That is why companies like MB2 Dental Solutions exists.


MB2 Dental Solutions aims to help dentists do their craft and take care of their patients while the company takes care of all the rest. A specialized business is, almost always, better than trying to hire someone to do the work. MB2 trained their professionals specifically for taking care of tasks like organizing the dentist’s agenda and taking care of the finances.


The founder of MB2 Dental is Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, who saw the need for a service like this and noticed that it was not being delivered. Dentists many times could not maintain their clinic because of the lack of a functional third-party team that took care of the rest of the business for them.


He knows what is vital to these professionals because he has been on the receiving end. Dr. Villanueva directly monitors and trains his staff to make sure that the service covers all essential aspects of the daily life in a dentist’s clinic.


His firm is already working with clinics in more than seventy locations, with an employee staff of 533 professionals personally trained by his recruitment team. He believes in the principle that a partnership between doctors achieves more, both for the professionals and for the community. The service they provide does change the future of many clinics across the country since now dentists have their full time to dedicate to their career of choice.


MB2 is highly up-to-date, applying any methods that dentists use to organize their data and tasks. The company’s leadership is composed of professionals who understand the business and know what the common struggles of their clients are.


Chris Villanueva also made sure to hire a professional team just to take care of legal challenges that dentists and their staff can face.


The idea to create the MB2 Dental Solutions came after his graduation from the Dental School. There were two options for young dentists at that time: You either join a large group or build your clinic from the ground.


With the eyes of a smart businessman, he noticed that he could not only get the best of both worlds but help the community of dentists perform their duties without worrying with complications that arise with it.

Doug Levitt Finds Peace Through “The Greyhiound Diaries”

The musician and multimedia artist Doug Levitt has been on an epic journey he states has been inspired by the WPA radio broadcasts that set out to show the world exactly what was happening in the U.S. during the great depression. Doug Levitt stumbled into “The Greyhound Diaries” when he began working on the 2004 Presidential campaign of Democrat John Kerry and took bus journeys in a bid to sign up voters for the Presidential nominee; after the end of the Presidential election Levitt was so affected by the people he had met during his bus journeys that he continued to travel and record the lives of those he met along the way and more information click here.

Doug Levitt has always stated his decision to leave the news industry came after he continued to feel the effects of the death of his father that occurred when the musician was just 16 years of age. His Twitter, Not only has Levitt been inspired by the death of his father to continue “The Greyhound Diaries”, but he has also felt a sense of peace and seen his own mental state affected by the conversations he has had with strangers as he traveled by bus; Doug Levitt believes both he and those he speaks to during “The Greyhound Diaries” use their discussions as a form of therapy and learn more about Doug Levitt.

Exploring the U.S. comes after Doug Levitt spent the majority of his early career living and working in Europe as an international correspondent for a number of major news organizations. “The Greyhound Diaries” has formed the major part of the artistic work of the Cornell University graduate who has now turned his artistic work into a web series and a book. As he travels across the U.S. looking to develop “The Greyhound Diaries” project, Doug Levitt has followed in the footsteps of many of his heroes of music and the arts from the 20th century; Levitt has appeared at the Woody Guthrie Center as he continues to tour for paying audiences and perform free of charge at homeless shelters he visits on his travels.

EOS Surpasses Chapstick and Lands In The Number Two Spot

When it comes to lip balm, most of us think about brands like Chapstick or Blistex. Several lip balm companies dominated the beauty industry for nearly a century. But about seven years ago, a small startup company called EOS lip balm, emerged on the scene and exploded in sales from that point on. EOS stands for ‘Evolution of Smooth’. Lip balms were bland till EOS entered the lip balm scene. You could only get a couple of flavors and that was the extent of it.

EOS lip balm offers a huge variety of flavors. When the concept first came up, the company wanted to appeal to all five senses. They made the EOS lip balm taste good, look appealing to the eyes with its bright, pastel colors, smell good, feel good in your hands, and they made sure the orb gave that little clicking sound when you close it. With all those senses covered, it would draw the attention it needed. And it did.

EOS ( didn’t focus on advertising at first. Instead they put all their efforts into production and distribution. All it took was a chance meeting with a female buyer from Walgreens. After the company’s sales pitch, she placed her order. Then Costco, Walmart and Target followed shortly thereafter. The company reached out to beauty bloggers wanting them to review their products and place their reviews on social media. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian was seen pulling the little sphere shapes from their purses and using them. It was that kind of publicity EOS needed to explode in the lip balm industry.

Klines Research says that by the year 2020, EOS lip balm will be worth over $2 billion. Their current spot is number 2 in the lip balm industry, just behind Burt’s Bees. They surpassed Chapstick and continue to climb the charts. Fast Company did an article about this and for a more in depth look check here.

Norman Pattiz the PodcastOne Executive who has Been Very Active in America’s Media Industry

Norman Pattiz and Tom Webster recently released a report on a research they conducted to ascertain on the efficacy of podcast advertising. Tom is a senior officer at the Edison research in charge of strategies.

To ensure that the research was excellent they sampled five companies that use podcast advertising and the results they got were very positive. Findings from the research showed that a company using podcast advertisement reached a bigger number of potential buyers and they were able to make consumers aware of the products they sell.

According to the research for any business person around the world to reach a big number of new customers embracing podcast advertisement is very vital. In podcast campaigns, business owners through the help of podcast advertising companies create messages about their products, and the messages are made very catchy to make customers aware of the products before they are sent.

The research that Norman Pattiz and Tom did ascertained that most people who receive podcast adverts messages are always keen on them and they pay attention to what the product is and in most instances place an order for the same.

According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz’s firm PodcastOne has been very aggressive in ensuring that their clients get podcasts that have an impact on the audience they want to reach. To ensure they succeed they take the time to understand the audience and make a podcast that will attract worth attention.

Norman is a successful entrepreneur mainly focusing on media business. He is the brain behind PodcastOne and he is the firm founder and chairperson. He has been in media ventures for over 40 years and the experience he has acquired over the years is indispensable.

Norman Pattiz is also the owner of Westwood One which has been very successful in providing entertainment, sports updates, and news across America. Norman established Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 a media house that produced and distributed high-quality programs across the US.

His current firm PodcastOne has gained popularity since it was incepted in 2012 and influential personalities in the media industry have worked for the company. Among the famous people working for Podcast One are Steve Austin, Larry King, Dan Patrick, Shaquille O’Neal and Chris Jericho among others.

Norman Pattiz has been privileged to serve on the US Broadcasting Board of Governors a position he was appointed to by Bill Clinton in 2000 when he was the president.

In 2002 George .W. Bush reappointed him to the same post and his service to the board was very outstanding. He is happily married to one wife Dr. Mary Turner; they have been together for 30 years residing in Beverly Hills.

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For Fine Wine And Champagne Check Out UKV PLC

Starting a fine wine collection is all the rage right now. Everyone from investors, wine enthusiasts, and celebrities are joining in on the trend. Now that you want to jump on the train, who do you talk to? Not everyone knows about wine, and which ones are better than the others. Let UKV PLC show you the way!

That’s a long acronym, so what does it stand for? It’s United Kingdom Vintners Public Limited Company. This company is a selected bunch of the best fine wine consultants ready to assist you in your purchase of these wines and champagnes. UKV PLC specializes in finding only the most prestigious and sought after wines and champagnes in the world from vineyards in Spain, Italy, and France. These countries are known for having the world’s finest wine.


UKV PLC also carries a selection of wine including Bordeaux, Spanish, Italian, Burgundy, and champagnes. These are some of the top labels around the world, and not many people have access to them. If you are looking to meet with one of UKV PLC’s consultants they can make just about any arrangement you like. You can talk on the phone, converse through email, or even meet in person. If you are looking for privacy, or are more of a homebody they can come to your place of residence to talk. They will deliver only the finest customer service to suit your needs.

If you are looking for move services of theirs, they offer storage, brokerage services, delivery, and valuations. If you want to become a member you can shop faster, track your packages, and view past shipments of fine wine. To learn more check out their social media channels such as: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They have plenty of information about wine that will feed your soul, just check it out.

Thor Halvorssen Feels Political Thinking Gets in the Way of Human Rights Activism

Few human rights activists in the world have as many credentials when it comes to understanding politics and political leaders as Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. Not only did Thor graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in political science, but he comes from one of the best known political family’s in both Norway and Venezuela. The links between the Halvorssen family and Venezuela date back to World War II when Thor’s paternal grandfather physically confronted invading Nazi forces and held them off as he directed the movement of the Norwegian Merchant Navy to the safety of the ports of Venezuela and learn more about Thor.

Thor Halvorssen’s own father remains an active politician in Venezuela working to end the restrictive socialist regime who allowed him to be jailed and tortured by law enforcement officials while working on an investigation into links between law enforcement officials and the illegal drug trade; the campaign to free his father marked the start of the work of Thor Halvorssen and his belief that political attitudes should not influence the work completed by activists around the world. Over the course of his career Thor has been one of the few activists in the human rights community who has been willing to criticize socialist and left leaning governments who abuse the human rights of their citizens.

As the owner of the socialist Ny Tid newspaper in Norway and a writer in the left leaning news outlets such as The Huffington Post, Thor Halvorssen has spent a large amount of time explaining his belief that politics has no place in human rights activism. Halvorssen points to European activists who rarely criticize socialist governments, such as Cuba and Venezuela despite a large scale attack taking place on the human rights of citizens. A political expert who understands how government works in its many forms, Thor Halvorssen believes there are more important parts of life than simply looking at the political ideology of a nation before deciding whether to make public the human rights abuses committed against the citizens of the world.

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Just Who is Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

Society is full of extraordinary people no matter the color, creed, or race of the individuals. Some people are just natural born leaders from conception and these individuals tend to stand out among the crowd. Eric Pulier is no exception in this case as he has done many extraordinary things to better man-kind. His weapon of choice is advanced technology and he’s built quite a legacy for others to aspire to. This guy is known to be an author, technologist, businessman, philanthropist, and a guest speaker. It would be hard to find other individuals who are as accomplished as this, but here a bit more information on Entrepreneur Eric Pulier and his important information click here.

Pulier’s brilliant way of thinking helped him earn a ticket to the prestigious Harvard University between 1984 and 1988. The guy was literally swamped with activities during this time as was an editor and column writer for the school’s newspaper, “The Harvard Crimson.” During this time he was also taking classes over at MIT to sharpen his tech skills. All of this progressive activity would manifest into something much bigger and better in the coming years.

Eric Pulier took off to Los Angeles around 1991 and here is where his professional career began. People Doing Things was one of his first founded companies and it used advanced technology to solve issues in the education and healthcare fields. Pulier also developed a private social media platform for chronically ill children named Starbright World. This social media network connected thousands of children and it allowed them to share their personal experiences while being able to make new friends. As of today, Pulier has founded or co-founded 15 companies. These include Desktone, Akana Software, Digital Evolution, Service Mesh Inc, and numerous others. This article only scratches the surface of who this is and what he’s done, but Eric Pulier’s legacy is cemented in stone for future generation to aspire to.

Entrepreneur Arthur Becker’s Career And Investments

Arthur Becker has had a varied career including the fashion industry, technology companies, and real estate investing. He is the Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC, which was founded in 2004. Becker started at an early age as an entrepreneur; he was still in high school when he founded his first business.

When Arthur Becker was 16 he earned his first job working at his local Parks Department for $1.60 an hour. The low pay and tedious work encouraged him to find a better job. As a result, he started his first company where he took apart 18th century houses and reassembled them on a new lot. He went on to earn a bachelor’s degree from Bennington College in 1972 and attended Dartmouth – Amos Tuck Business School.

After earning his education Arthur Becker founded a macadamia nut orchard and also worked at a movie syndication company as a partner. In 1988 he entered the world of finance when we worked for Bear Stearns, Inc. as an asset manager. His success at the company led to him being promoted to Director. He went on to found a number of companies including Bnox, Advance Partners, LLC, and Atlantic Investors.

Arthur Becker has also worked in the fashion industry, reveals He is a part of the Vera Wang Group and used to manage the company’s finances and operations. He presently serves on the Board of Directors. Under his leadership he turned the company around, bringing it from an annual loss of $10 million to the next year earning $15 million. See,

In addition to other positions he has held, Arthur Becker was the CEO of NaviSite which is a company that provided internet technology services to other companies. He has also been the CEO and Chairman of Zinio, LLC which is the world leader in providing digital magazines over the internet.

Becker is currently Managing Member of Madison Partners where he invests in residential real estate and biotechnology startups. The real estate market he is involved in includes condominiums throughout New York City and Miami. According to, in just New York alone he has over $500 million in real estate properties.